Our Guiding Principles

Our Commitment to You

Bengal cats, like other domestic pets, vary in appearance, health, energy, personality and intelligence.  In our breeding program we focus principally on fidelity to the Bengal appearance standard and to personality.  As important, we are committed to raising Bengal Buddies that will fit into your lifestyle and preferences.  Our goal is to match you with the right Bengal for your household.

Ensuring satisfaction with your Bengal Buddy is one of our guiding principles.  Transparency is key to achieving that goal.  We want you to know everything possible about your candidate kitten before you make your commitment.  You will receive the following information to help you decide if one of our Bengal Buddies is right for you: 

  • Five Generation Pedigree
  • Candidate Kitten Health Records
  • King and Queen Health Records
  • King and Queen Genetic Testing Information
  • Photos and video of the candidate kitten
  • Photos and video of the King and Queen

You are always welcome to visit us in person as well to evaluate whether a candidate kitten is a match for you.  And finally, under our contract, you have 30 days after receiving your kitten to return it to us, if you find the kitten’s temperament is unsatisfactory to you.

The Bengal Buddy Lifestyle

We aren’t just breeding cats – we certainly have enough cats in the world in need of a home.  Our goal is to raise cats that are stunningly beautiful and possess superior personality.  To do that, we pay close attention to the genetics of our Kings and Queens and apply sound scientific principles to create desirable physical and social characteristics.

We also pay close attention to the socialization of our cats.  How cats are raised, particularly in those first 12 weeks, profoundly affects their personality.  We raise our cats and kittens in our home as members of our family.