Available Bengal Kittens


kittens august 2017 dk blue collar girl

Blue collar girl

Kittens are currently available. Wilma and Freddie proudly announce the birth of 3 boys and 2 girls on August 20, 2017.  Phoebe and Freddie are expecting their litter to arrive in mid-October.  The most current photos are on Facebook (bengalbuddies.us) and on Instagram (@bengalfreddie).  We hope to hear from you that you would like one to be your Bengal Buddy!

August 20 New Kittens

Starting to explore the nest

kittens august 2017 in playpen

Enjoying a nap in the playpen

kittens august 2017 collage with bows

Wearing their Sunday bows

kittens august 2017 green collar new

Green collar boy

kittens august 2017 purple collar new

Purple collar boy

kittens august 2017 yellow collar new

Yellow collar boy

kitten august 2017 pink collar new

Pink collar girl