Bengal Buddies Marvelous Millie

Sire:  RW GC Benhome Bagira Zidan of Akerrs
Dam: Paintedcats Janis of Bengal Buddies
DOB:  7/22/2021

Bengal Buddies Marvelous Millie is an up and coming Queen.  We are confident she is going to produce some amazing kittens.  She has an absolutely fabulous personality and seeks to socialize with everyone who comes her way.  In addition to having lovely glitter highlights, Marvy Millie has an exceptional pattern with horizonal flow and numerous well defined rosettes. Her fur is soft as silk and a pleasure to caress.

She has already successfully demonstrated her exceptional traits in the Kitten Show rings.  Marvy Millie finals in virtually every ring and has been picked by numerous judges as their "Best Kitten" in show.  Once she completes her adult showing career, Marvy Millie will start her next phase as Kitten Mom (Summer/Fall of 2022).  We expect her kittens to be exceptional.