Our goal is to raise cats that are stunningly beautiful and possess superior personality.

Bengal cats, like other domestic pets, vary in appearance, health, energy, personality and intelligence. In our breeding program we focus principally on fidelity to the Bengal appearance standard and to personality. Our goal is to match you with the right Bengal for your household.

The Bengal Lifestyle

Daily life with a Bengal

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Bengal Buddy kittens are produced from registered, championship lines.

Lifelong Bengal Buddy

Each cat is a member of our family; each kitten begins life as a family member. That means they should transition successfully into your family.

Available Bengal Buddies

Explore our gallery of available Bengal kittens now and open the door to a world of playful companionship and unmatched beauty. Your new feline friend may be just a click away – click here to meet our captivating Bengal kittens ready for adoption!