Our Bengals

At Bengal Buddies located in Minnesota and Indiana, we are selective and strive to include only the best cats in our breeding program. Breeding cats should be paired with three characteristics in mind - health, temperament and appearance. Each cat we use for breeding must be in excellent health, serve as a superb example of the breed and possess a fabulous temperament. Our ultimate goal is focused on improving health, socialization and beauty through genetic development of the breed.

To ensure excellent health, we genetically test each cat to confirm it does not carry recognized disease producing traits. Regular health screening also takes place, conducted by qualified veterinary professionals. This screening includes heart scans for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) by Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologists.

Personality is also an important factor. Certain aspects of temperament can be genetic, so our breeding cats must display an affectionate and social personality. Finally, we carefully select our cats to confirm that each exhibits the correct Bengal Type and Pattern. Following these steps helps to ensure that we produce fit, fun, exotic looking pets.

To help evaluate results, our cats participate in shows. We believe competing for championship titles and awards demonstrates quality and that we are doing something right in our quest to produce outstanding Bengal Buddies.