Waiting List

Our Waiting List

The Bengal Buddy Wait List is best way to ensure we have a kitten for you when our litters arrive. Bengal Buddy kittens are placed with their forever homes in the order of priority on the Wait List.

Payment in the amount of Forty Dollars ($40.00) is required to be placed on the Wait List. If you purchase a Bengal Buddy kitten, the Wait List payment will be applied to the Purchase Price. In the event you do not purchase a kitten, the Wait List payment is non-refundable. Once the kittens are born, a Two Hundred Fifty Dollar ($250) Deposit is required.

You will be placed on the Wait List once payment is received. Prior to payment, we will provide you a good faith estimate of your anticipated position on the Wait List. The final priority you receive is established based on the date the payment is received. We will confirm your placement on the Wait List once payment is received.

Nature and breeding cycles can be unpredictable. Queens sometimes avoid breeding during winter months and instead wait for longer days of sunshine and warmer temperatures. This winter, our Queens decided to follow that pattern and to dream about the beach instead of kittens. As a result, the litters we were hoping would arrive in January are now looking more like March, 2023. We know people are anxious to get their kittens. We have explained this to the Queens and provided them with lots of treats (from Figaro and Sunny of course) to interest them in romance.

We are currently filling Wait List Spots for the following 2023 litters (as of August 25, 2023):

Marvy Millie (expected August 2023), Noodle (expected September 2023) and Butterscotch Litters (expected Fall, 2023)