Available Kittens

We are accepting Wait List reservations for our upcoming litters, anticipated in Fall, 2022.

We work hard to give each of our kittens the best possible start in life. We shower each baby daily with love and affection. This attention facilitates their development into wonderful feline individuals. We know that the closer our kittens learn to bond with people, the more wonderful a life they will have when they leave us. We want them to become members of their new families, and not just pets. A bonded relationship between a family and their Bengal will bring incredible rewards as well as years of love and joy.

Our kittens remain with us for at least 12 weeks to avoid behavioral problems associated with kittens being separated from their litters too soon. Feline studies confirm the importance of this critical developmental period in a kitten’s life. From the secure base of the kitten nest, the mother cat will provide instruction on litter training and proper behavior. Simultaneously, we teach our kittens' to positively associate human smell, sound and interaction with friendliness and affection. The result of these efforts is a wonderfully socialized cat interested in human companionship.

One look at our adorable Bengal kittens and you'll fall in love; just like we did some years ago.